The nocturnal barking of the dogs is fading, the bright moon still shines in the last dark of night. Facing the moon, the marble domes of the Taj Mahal gleam in the early morning light.This is the time when the water buffalo stir, every morning and alone, perhaps followed by a calf. 
Each animal emerges from a different part of the city, but they have a common goal: the flood plain of shallow water directly behind the Taj Mahal.
For some of them it's a long journey, they cross alleys and streets while the city still sleeps. At some crossroads, they meet others and then they continue on their leisurely way together.
They spend the whole day at the river meadow. Above them, through the spray, the domes of the Taj Mahal glisten in the midday sun. Below, in the river, the water sparkles as the bathing herd plays.
In the earl evening, at rush hour, while the town is crowded and the traffic heavy, the buffalo head home. Again and again, their paths separate.
Before sunset, each animal will be back with its master.